Film/TV Composer

About Clive The Film & Television Composer

“The universal ability to subjugate your own ego to the bigger picture is paramount” (three puns intended, MFW).

Writing songs and underscores for TV and film is all about the director’s vision. It is unusual to be able to write exactly what you want to write; the director has a ‘feel’ for the movie beyond what you can garner in the 6 weeks you have to do the score, so you trust her/him to select/direct/focus your work in the right areas. In order for that to work, you have to be across multiple musical styles, genres, techniques and approaches. Newbies have this idea that writing film music will be their big chance to do their thing – it’s not. Well at least it may be a little bit, but making a successful movie is about the story, the script, the images, the look and feel of it, and the music is there simply to enhance, amplify, and focus those aspects and to guide the viewer through the journey. Certainly, the music adds value, but it is not the primary focus.


“Clive is a talented extremely professional composer with a wide palette of ideas and styles. He has a wicked sense of humour, which I value in this industry as an added bonus. During his tenure as president of the Guild of Screen Composers (AGSC) all of us at APRA found him an absolute pleasure to work with.” Michelle O’Donnell, Manager Film & TV, APRA AMCOS

“I have had the pleasure of working with Clive on three animated series. Clive brought more than his considerable capacity as a composer to each of these projects: he brought a talent for storytelling!” David Evans, Director: “Tabaluga”, “Fairytale Police Department”, Blinky Bill”

“Clive is easy and fun to work with… excellent sense of timing…… fresh ideas……in tune with the spirit of the shows……ability to take direction……the most reliable composer I have ever worked alongside.” Tony Ealey, Director: Digswell Dog Show, Crocadoo, Wicked! Managing Director, Eek Films Limited Liverpool.

“Creative/Dedicated/Brilliant! And a hell of a nice guy to work with!” George J. Borsé: Executive Producer, Gumnutz and Managing Director, Kidszone TV.