APRA Member Discount

APRA Member Discount

Thank you for your enquiry about “The Songwriting Labyrinth: Practical Tools to decode the Mysterious Craft” (Rumpelstiltskin Press)

In order to purchase the book and receive the 20% APRA discount, you need to do the following;

  • Deposit the purchase price of $39.95  (includes postage and handling) by Direct Funds Transfer to BSB 062 136 Account: 10358199
  • Reply to this email including;
    • Your transaction receipt
    • Your APRA number for verification
    • Your postal address for delivery

(Allow up to 7 days for delivery)

Thank you for your interest, and I hope you are inspired in your songwriting practice or education!

Kind Regards,

Clive Harrison
Songwriting Sensei


*For purchases outside Australia, you’ll need to purchase the hardcopy via Amazon or the Kindle Edition;
Amazon http://www.amazon.com.au/The-Songwriting-Labyrinth-Practical-mysterious-ebook/dp/B00VPRB0YM , or
Kindle http://www.amazon.com.au/The-Songwriting-Labyrinth-Practical-mysterious-ebook/dp/B00VPRB0YM